Types of Property

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We will Fund on Most Types of Properties
Below are just some of the property types we consider.

Multi-Family Properties

A commercial multi-family property consists of 5 or more attached residential homes, such as an apartment complex. Typically multi-family properties are financed at 80% LTV, however, we do have lenders that will go as high as 100%. Minimum loan size is $100,000 with no maximum loan size. Some programs available are stated income, interest only and 30 year terms available.

Mixed-Use Properties

A property is considered mixed-use if it contains a combination of residential and commercial purposes. Typically the use for commercial purpose is retail. Most typical financing is only available on these types of properties as long as the residential part of the building is no less than 50% of the total square footage.

Office Buildings

We finance both single-tenant and multi-tenant office buildings. However, whether or not an office building relies on just one key tenant or several tenants plays a role in the financing terms offered. If a building relies on a single tenant for its profitability, it will be important to determine the financial strength of that single tenant in order to determine the financing options available.


We handle all types of retail properties, such as an Anchor Tenant - i.e. a strip mall that is attached to a large, well-known grocery store; Single-Tenant- i.e. a large building that only houses a discount department store or stand-alone building used for retail sale purposes and Multi-Tenant - i.e. a strip mall that has several tenants, none of which rents significantly more retail space than another.

Other Property Types:

Self-storage, Warehouse/Lt Industrial, Mobile Home Park, Hotel/Motel/Hospitality/Bed and Breakfast, Churches, Restaurant, Automotive, Commercial Building Lots, Raw land, Improved land, Senior Housing, Medical and Healthcare Facilities, Daycare Facilities, Leisure - such as golf courses, marinas, theme parks, motels, hotels, flagged motels, flagged hotels, casinos, RV Parks, Historical Buildings, Ranches and farms - income producing, Special Use Properties, etc.


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