Documents and FAQs

Being inform and understanding the process.

Important Loan Request Documents

 I. Get Started - Prescreen Your Request

 PreQual  &  Personal Financial Statement & Credit Report (all 3 scores full report)
  Color Photos of Front, Back, Side views, Inside: Restrooms, Kitchen, Bedrooms, Living, Amenities, Parking, etc.

II. After Prescreen
   1. 1003 Fillable  4. Lease Summary  7. Financing Request
   2. Disclosure  5. Income & Expense 
     JV and VC Requirements
    3. Rent Roll  6. Executive Summary     Loan Checklist

Important, Lenders want Photos of:
    Front, Back, Side views, Inside: Restrooms, Kitchen, Bedrooms, Living, etc.
Nationwide FHA Residential Loan Division: 

 No Credit Check, No Employment FHA Refinance.
 Convert High Subprime interest rates to A-credit bank rate refinance.
 FHA Refinance
 FHA Purchase

   Residential Application

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an Executive Summary?
A professional presentation and summarization of the project.

What is a Financing Request?
A break down on how funds will be used towards the project.

What is a Proforma?
Base on current cashflow and market, estimate the future projection of the net operating income statement for the next 12 months to 5 years of the property.

What is a Debt service coverage ratio, DSCR/DCR?
Lenders typically approves of properties with 1.2 DSCR. A 1.0 DSCR mean the net annual income of the property after all expenses is divided by the annual property's mortgage payments is a 1 to 1 ratio; break even or negative. Any DSCR below 1.0 mean the client is paying out their pocket, losing money to keep the property afloat. Hence, 1.20 DSCR translates into an estimate of 20% profit over the annual mortgage payments.On rare occasion we can go as low as 0.85 yet the client must have valid reasons and plenty of assets to support the purchase.

I do not want to send all these forms right now / I want to talk someone before I fill out these forms:

We appreciate your interest, please send a Basic Overview first. We understand you might not have all answers below. Fill in as much as you can:

  • Type of property of interest
  • Market Value
  • Sales Price
  • Loan Amount / Down Payment
  • Show Full Doc. or Not disclose Personal Income
  • Your most recent credit scores
  • What are you trying to do? Be direct, one question after the next, even if it's 20 questions

  • I have a project and want rates and scenarios.
    At minimal, send in a:
      1. Fully completed loan application
      2. Executive summary
      3. Credit report (30 days old max)

    We are in the business of closing loans for serious buyers.

    I do not have a project, can you help / How do I get started?
    Please refer to Basic Overview and 100% structured loans.

    How can I get 100% loan?

    1. 100% full document loan, case by case basis
    2. 100% structured loan

    Is 100% no money out of pocket, not even a dime?
    No, you need funds for an appraisal, inspection, closing cost and/or due diligence fee. We recommend clients obtain lines of credit and pursue the structured loan.

    What is 100% structured loans?
    The sales price must be a minimum of 25-35% or lower below the market value of the property.

    Can a seller 2nd work?
    Depending on our lenders, we can take a seller second and also combine it with the structured loan.

    What is the difference in a full documentation loan and stated income loan?
    Full Doc: Show income and 3 years tax return or 2 years tax
    Higher LTV and better interest rates.
    Stated Income: No income disclosure
    Much lower LTV and higher interest rates

    How come my message is not being returned?

    Commercial loans are more time intensive and requires much attention to details. We appreciate your inquiries please refer to basic overview above, as our staff are constantly working with underwriters and clients that have sent in entire loan packages.

    Can you perform refinances and cashout refinances?

    What is the longest amortization do you have?
    Up to 40 years amortization on a case by case basis.

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    About Our Service...

    With our service, we can work with clients to . . .
    acheive no money out of pocket. In order for this process to perform successfully, clients must have the right mindset to move forward; refer to our special note. This may not work for every client.